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If you are an aspiring writer/ developer and want to share some cool information or knowledge with the world contact us @ [email protected] with the subject writer .


  • Share your Passion: Our aim is to provide a broad range of topics for our audience so if you're passionate about something and wish to share it with the rest of the world, we'll provide you with the platform.
  • Self-Improvement: As the saying goes "Practice makes perfect" and this is true for so many people. Writing more about a topic will help you gain a deeper understanding of the subject and will help you refine your technical as well as writing skills.
  • Exposure(if you want): Each post written by you will have your name in credits with the social account you provide which can help you get job offers or unique opportunities.
  • Learning opportunities: You'll always be on learning-mode. The more you write the better you'll become at explaining, communicating and developing new ideas and projects for your audience.
  • Completely remote: No matter where you're from if you have a passion and the internet you can keep writing.
  • Meet new people: The Internet is an amazing place filled with amazing people. We aim to create an online community and in future, we wish to start meetups.
If you are convinced you can contact us @ [email protected] with the subject writer .