What is Mak Laboratory

Mohd Akib

Mohd Akib

Creator of Mak Laboratory

Hello visitor! thanks for stopping by. My name is Mohd Akib Kamani, welcome to my Laboratory and here's my story.

The Past

Growing up I used to watch Dexter's Laboratory a cartoon show about a small scientist and her mischievous older sister.

I was always intrigued by his creative inventions but what appealed to me the most was his unreasonably resourceful Laboratory and his AI "Computer". I always wanted to build a Lab like dexter but sadly I had limited resources.

The Present

Fast forward to today, I'm a freelancer and an educator, I make projects or teach individuals to make their projects for a small fee. While teaching I've documented and created various tutorials have received positive feedback for the same. And thanks to COVID-19 I'm sitting at my home without anything good to do.

I've always liked the idea of blogging and now that I'm free I can finally start to work on it. The idea of creating something that can have an impact on so many people around the world was surreal kinda like the idea of owning a laboratory in my childhood and thus I named it MAK Laboratory(Mohd Akib Kamani Laboratory).

This is so much more than a blog. It's a virtual place for me where I'll be saving all my experiments/ research/notes, etc.

The Future

I'll be writing tutorials about the things that I already know and form a community of passionate writers to write about other topics. You can check my Future Roadmap here . There are so many things I'll like to explore, learn and hack and I'll keep updating the catalogue.

The Know-it-all

Am I an expert in everything I've written in the roadmap? Definitely not. Expertise is gained from the experience and honestly, before I can call myself an expert I'll have to work at least for a decade or two and this website is all about that journey, I am not selling you courses by industry expert I'm creating tutorials for masses to follow along. Virtually there'll no gap in understanding since your level of interpretation will be the same as me while I'm writing tutorials.

The Goal

The goal is to write regularly and post at least once a week. Since I'm not financially stable I'm relying on ads/sponsorships to fund this website. If the things go as planned I'll be able to create a small community of learners and writers with this website. For this year, the milestone is 1000 unique visitors, 1 writer, and 10 contributors.

So this is it about MAK Laboratory, If you have any feedback feel to write to us we'll enjoy reading it. 😄